It is SO HARD to energize love and light sometimes.

Worry is so much easier! It’s the well-worn path we’ve trodden our entire lives. We KNOW worry – we get how to do that. You just imagine the worst possible outcome, which the Ego is happy to supply – sometimes in many different forms – and then you play those pictures out in your head over and over and over and over again. Presto! Stress – anxiety – stomach upset – headache – tight shoulders – chiropractor – Prilosec – illness – Prozac – etc.

We do, however, have another choice: love and light. We could actually stop our minds in its tracks and tell it to take the path less traveled. How about imagining a happy, positive outcome? What a novel idea! There is actually no earthly reason why we should always choose worry. Even the Ego can’t make a logical case for ALWAYS choosing worry over positivity.

When you believe in a Higher Power such as Holy Spirit or God or Allah, you have the added stipulation that your positive thoughts will be aided and abetted by unimaginable power. It’s like a 401(k) match from your employer: put in 5% and get 5% free matching funds. Only this is, put in 1% and get 99% matching funds to equal 100% power of Love!

I have two examples to share with you. First, a past experience that proves (to me) that this works. My husband and I have had a rough 7 years together. After 7 years of wonderfulness, we hit a rocky period that we only just came out of in the last 6 months. For most of those 7 years, I tried energizing everything I could think of – leaving, divorcing, staying – nothing seemed right and nothing worked to make me happy again. Finally at year 6.5 or so, I gave up. I gave up to Spirit, that is – I said, I clearly have no idea what I should be energizing so I’m going to give this up to Spirit. You know what should be done so do it. I give you unconditional authority to make Love happen, in whatever way is best.  In other words, I gave 1% willingness.

The incredible thing is that it only took about 2 weeks of daily giving it up to find that the love had come back into my heart. This was NOT what I expected! I welcomed it but I had not expected it. I didn’t ask for that, I just let Spirit take over. To me, that’s Spirit doing the heavy lifting, giving 99%, and me getting back 100%.

Example number 2: this is yet to be played out but here I am worrying about my cat Pumpkin. He’s out “past dinnertime” and it’s dark. I HATE THAT. My Ego is busy conjuring up all sorts of danger he can get into – locked inside someone’s garage all night or worse, dead on the road somewhere and I’ll never find out what happened to him. Nice, eh? So far, I’ve been successful in mostly energizing love and light. I do not know the outcome but I want him protected and OK, in whatever form that means for him. If he’s chosen to go the Light tonight, so be it. If he’s chosen to come home eventually, so be it. I cannot know what’s going to happen but I want to minimize energizing worst outcome and maximize energizing positive outcome.

Whatever comes of this, it’s a forgiveness/learning opportunity and I am grateful for it. “It’s all good” – really.

Pumpkin in his Halloween costume

Pumpkin in his Halloween costume.