Our only job in life is to heal what comes up. To forgive what’s in front of us. We are by design meant to extend love and light wherever we go. Sometimes that’s fun and sometimes it’s very challenging.

My beautiful orange and white cat Pumpkin got into a cat fight yesterday afternoon. He came home all dirty and with both eyes looking like they were bleeding. Cue worry and panic on my part. Cue Holy Spirit stepping in to remind me that I am an agent of healing and light, not a destructive force of worry, which is highly toxic to both me and the object of my worry.

Pumpkin received spiritual and energy healing from me from that moment on. As we drove to the vet, as he was treated by the vet, as we drove home, and as I put him to bed in the room next to me. A deep and strong undercurrent of worry continues to flow through me. However, my mind says to it, “You are NOT who I am or what Pumpkin needs to heal. Your voice is nothing to me and I reject your prognosis.” Then I ask Spirit again to heal the eye, dissolve all pathogens that lead to infection, take his pain level down to zero, and help me to provide the Earthly care that is required (meds, etc.) As well, my extremely competent and effective friend Karen – who taught me Nature Healing Coning for animals – worked on him last night and today remotely.

(If you ever need a recommendation for someone to work energetically and remotely on your animal, you let me know. Karen is gifted, talented, experienced. Your animal will be changed for the better, trust me.)

So that’s what “healing what comes up” means for me today.

As a side note, someone said to me, “I hope your life soon returns to normal.” I replied, “What’s normal? Whatever shows up is what needs to happen today. So this must be normal!”

Love and light to you, my friends. Be normal!