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Lunar eclipse and full moon coming up. There is a lot of talk about how this energy will affect us. Here is a particularly inspiring astrological forecast on the subject: http://wp.me/p9cjN-2pJ

Anything that supports this time of clearing stuck energies can manifest at this time. Depending on what will do you the most good, it could even include past lives. Past life situations that you are carrying around in this incarnation can and should be forgiven and healed when they come up.

If you find yourself feeling angry, unhappy, or deeply unsettled in the next week, it’s probably due to the lunar eclipse/full moon energies. Think of these energies as an opportunity to clear out negative thought forms. Clear those out so the Light can enter.

I can help you with identifying past life issues that need to be cleared out. Contact me through this website.

Love and light,