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Have you ever felt so disoriented, for seemingly no reason, and had to sit down? Or like you were in an earthquake, with the ground moving under your feet? This sensation can signify that you are jumping time lines.

What and when do time lines shift for you? In my experience, it happens when life lessons have been learned, profound healing has taken place, major forgiveness has been accomplished. The time line you are in right now, if it could be seen with human eyes, would stretch out before you with all sorts of encounters embedded in it. Like a train track going under you off into the horizon. Those encounters – with people, animals, situations – are there as opportunities to heal and forgive. Why so many of them repeating the same lessons over and over again? I believe is it to give us Time to learn.

We are stubborn creatures and have a history and propensity to react the same way again and again to certain stimuli. Like rats in a maze, we keep bumping into dead ends and getting headaches for our trouble.

Sometimes, however, we have an inspired moment when we decide to react differently, to take a different path. I’m talking about choosing Love over Fear and Hate. Think of a person with whom you repeatedly butt heads, who really bugs the living daylights out of you when they do _______ or ________. Now think of your usual reactions to these encounters (stimuli). Do they work? Has anything changed? Are they still a source of irritation and hair pulling? If so you have been reacting out of Hate and Fear. That may sound harsh but it’s true. Give it some thought and see if I’m not right.

Now think of a different way to handle the situation. How could you react differently, out of Love? Think of a recent interaction with this person and how you reacted. If you could reenact the scene, how could you have behaved differently with Love in your heart? Spirit will inspire you with a correct answer so if you don’t get it right away, ask Spirit to inspire. It will come to you. That will be your answer. Once you learn to react out of Love, you will have learned that particular lesson. That’s when you may experience the shift I’m talking about in this post.

The shift we call jumping time lines, if it could be viewed with human eyes, looks like you jumping off one train track of experiences and onto another train track of experiences. The new track is always shorter than the one you were on. Where do the time lines/train tracks end? At Home, of course! Home with God and all the rest of us who are The Child of God.  

I had just one of these experiences this morning. A description of it follows.

Some of you know that I’ve just moved to Shanghai, China from West Virginia. My decision to move here includes embracing the path forward, taking the opportunity to accept a new mission perhaps. It has been bloody difficult to let go of my WV life, let me tell you. It remains bloody difficult to embrace the new life. However, with support from Holy Spirit and a realization this morning that I’m not going to feel any better about this move until I actively accept my new mission (whatever it is), I have turned the corner and am feeling a lot more joy.

This morning lying awake from jet lag at 3:30am, I told Spirit it was time – I fully accept my new circumstances and want to know what I’m here for. How can I be of assistance to the Universe? How can I shorten my journey Home? After a fairly short time of actively accepting my unknown mission, very strange sensations took over my body. I won’t lie and say it was not scary. Archangel Michael (AAM) was called upon repeatedly to protect me in case something nasty got in while the Light was doing its work on me. My heart chakra had already opened before I accepted my mission. Now I felt my body pushing into my bed – the pressure centered in the heart chakra area but extended to my entire body. Next it felt like my body inclined upwards (head up, feet lower). Then I felt returned to my original position lying on my back in bed. All this took maybe 50 seconds.

When it was over, I got that this was me jumping a number of time lines – shortening my journey Home. This is something that has taken place many times in the past 5 years or so. However, this was the most significant jump so far. AAM confirmed this was the case. When I asked what was new, I got a few items:

  • A feeling of being grounded and perfectly OK in this situation (Shanghai, not WV, alone in the apartment, no furniture, no friends yet in this city)
  • An optimism about what my mission is and the complete faith in my ability to carry it out efficiently with Holy Spirit’s support
  • Much clearer inner sight – very useful when doing readings – it’s more like HD (hi definition)
  • An enhanced ability to manifest (prosperity, love, romance, healing, anything based in love)

This afternoon after eating lunch, I sat in the living room and closed my eyes. An inspiration to test the new manifestation skills came so I tried it out. It was a feeling of being much more empowered, as if the manifesting were taking place right then and there.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this kind of thing in the past. I certainly hope so!