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Once in a while, a healing modality comes along that really interests me. That’s the case with Spiritual Response Therapy or SRT (not to be confused with Somato Respiratory Therapy). I recently had the opportunity to experience SRT with my fellow lightworker Millicent Lai. Her website, which this blog refuses to allow me to insert as a hyperlink, is rippling.weebly.com.

Millicent and I connected on Skype because she’s in Hong Kong and I’m in Shanghai, China. SRT uses a few physical tools and much intuition and training on her part.The tools include several charts and a pendulum. Millicent wielded her tools and training with efficiency and effectiveness during our session.

You can read about SRT on her website rippling.weebly.com. My responsibility was only to identify some issue – mental, physical or spiritual – that could use some healing. She does the rest. During our session, she identified programs running in my being which pre-dispose me to encounter that issue repeatedly in this life. She identified the programs, found their roots in past lives, briefly described those lives, and then cleared the negative energies carried into this life from those lives.

As I said, my only responsibility was to bring an issue to the session. Because I like to take an active part in my healing beyond just allowing it, I actively gave myself to those clearing moments. It was en-lightening; that is, it delivered me of my burdens and made my being lighter. She reports that her other clients tell her much the same thing during their sessions.


This healing modality was easy to accept yet very effective. The past life component appeals to me, obviously. I would not hesitate to recommend Millicent and SRT if you’re looking for some effective spiritual healing.