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How do we deal with negative thoughts that just won’t go away? Worries about relationships, money, the future, work problems, you name it – they are constantly in the back of our minds waiting for that unguarded moment to pounce onto our consciousness. You can distract yourself by watching TV, exercising, throwing yourself into work or pursuing addictive behaviors like drinking, drugs and overeating. But what happens when you don’t have a distraction, like in the middle of the night when you wake up and it’s just you and the darkness? Such negative thoughts, if not controlled in some fashion, can spiral out of control. The untrained mind (which is what most of us have) is just not equipped to deal with seemingly hopeless situations, which all of us have in our lives to some degree.

I have been experimenting with a new way to control such thoughts. You may be struggling, like I am, with negative situations that will not yield to rational, straight-line thinking. Issues with finances, loved ones, and other situations that cannot be fixed by conventional means or even with the application of money (although the latter would help a lot!) Prayer and meditation are extremely effective. But how exactly should we be praying and what for? What if we don’t know the right thing to pray for? What if we think the only way out of our hopeless situation is for someone else to suffer? Or we need to win the lottery? Or some other inappropriate solution over which we either have no control or would not, with a loving heart, pray for?

As I said, I’ve been experimenting with a way to “fix” these situations and to stop worrying altogether. I call it a form of mind control because it is that: using your mind in a way that you may not be used to. We all have self-talk scripts running in the background. Some of those scripts can be very dark. Like, “I don’t have enough money now and I’m worried about my prosperity in the future.” Or, “this relationship is impossible and I don’t know how to fix it.”

Your first job is to identify the script that’s running. What are you saying to yourself? This can be daunting and quite scary. I’m not telling you anything I haven’t experienced myself. Years and indeed past lives’ worth of refining those scripts subconsciously have strongly rooted them into your deepest, darkest mind. Bringing them up for identification and subsequent healing can be frightening as heck. Be gentle with yourself! Have faith that whatever you bring up CAN BE HEALED AND QUICKLY. Start with something that’s not that scary, like “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this day – I’m too busy to get everything done.” Not that scary but can be daunting.

Second, and this is the second-most important part, say it out loud to your angels and guides. This is the difference between conventional counselling techniques and my way. Just talking things out is not nearly as effective as working with omnipotent beings that can actually heal your problems! Why wouldn’t you want to have them on your side? You’ve been trying to do this all or partially on your own, and look where it’s got you: stuck and mired in despair. Have faith that God wants you to BE HAPPY NOW. Angels and guides are with us to get us there. Use them.

Lastly, and this is the MOST important part, give those thoughts up to your Angelic Team and then stop thinking about the situation! This is where mind control enters. It will not be easy to start with because your mind is used to controlling YOU, not the other way around. Take back your power and start USING your mind instead of being used by it. Your scripts will yield to repeated application of this technique. Allow your Angelic Team to heal the situation for you. Do not tell them what to do unless you have been inspired by them to come up with a loving solution. Every time a negative thought comes up, GIVE IT UP AGAIN. Keep giving it up until it no longer controls you. You might have to do this repeatedly for days or weeks but isn’t this a better use of your energy and focus than worrying?

This technique has been working wonders for me over the past year. WONDERS. Do this and you’ll be able to throw away the Prozac, 5HTP, and all distraction techniques. Allow your Angelic Team to heal your mind. The problem isn’t out there – it’s always IN YOUR MIND. Not somebody else’s – YOURS. Always.

Want to heal your life even more quickly and effectively? Re-formulate your negative thoughts. Instead of saying, “This relationship is impossible.” Say to yourself and your Angelic Team, “This relationship is challenging and I know it’s been set up this way for my Highest Good. I’m so glad to be in this situation because it affords me the opportunity for massive healing. I can’t wait to learn my lesson and find the loving solution built into this situation. Please help me find it. I no longer align myself with Worry. Instead, I align myself with Love and Holy Spirit. There is nothing that can’t be accomplished with Love and this situation is ripe for it. Let’s do it!”

Lastly, because your mind is so used to worrying and negative thinking, you’ll want reminders for your conscious mind to use your new technique. Write it down on a Post It note and stick it on your fridge, your bedside table, your workplace desk, the bathroom – anywhere you’re likely to need a reminder to use your mind constructively.

Experiment with the process. Find what works for you. Be joyful!