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Global angel

NPR reports today that”‘Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and Qatar can live with relatively lower oil prices for a while, but this isn’t the case for Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela, Algeria and Angola,’ said Marie-Claire Aoun, director of the energy center at the French Institute for International Relations in Paris. ‘Strong demographic pressure is feeding their energy and budgetary requirements. The price of crude is paramount for their economies because they have failed to diversify.'”

This news is good for the American consumer…but is it? Our checking accounts will benefit when we fill up our vehicles with lower-priced gas and buy the propane/oil to heat our homes this winter. But what about the countries that sell petroleum products? If they are feeling the pinch – and it looks like a Big Pinch indeed – how will their governments react to save their own economies from ruin?

Desperate countries do desperate things to preserve themselves. Let my readers join with me in praying for their prosperity. Pray that leaders of countries, oil ministers, military and business leaders will all behave in a way that leads to peace and prosperity for all the world’s peoples. This is a chance to step up your game: praying for your own prosperity and happiness is not good enough. We are ALL the Child of God. Praying for the rest of the world’s peoples IS praying for yourself. Make a difference: visualize love and prospeirty for all. Negate those ego-based thoughts of hate and violence towards your so-called “enemies” and replace them with active love. Be the Child of God that you are.