Past Life Readings

Your Higher Self and Guides select which of your past lives will help you with questions you have or challenges you’re facing. I work with Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Your Guides will likely join the session. The angels and guides protect our connection, help with interpretation, and enhance the reading. I will then see vignettes from the past life which tell a story that will be meaningful to you.

I am usually directed by our guides to draw oracle cards from my Archangel or Goddess decks during the reading. These cards are an effective way for your guides to give you messages and direction alongside that which you are getting through the past life reading.

Finally, I will offer assistance on how to work with your reading. There is often forgiveness to be done wtihin the past life experience, and I’ll tell you how I’d go about doing that work. The healing that results from past life work allows more Light into your present life experience. The techniques offered for forgiving can be used for this life’s issues as well.

Some of the things that might come up in your past lives include the following:

  • Betrayals by someone else or by you
  • Cowardly behavior
  • Homicide or suicide
  • Love triangles
  • Prosperity issues
  • Health issues
  • Enslavement or domination
  • Lives as animals, sparks of energy, or aliens on other worlds
  • Lives on Earth of a different dimension

I will offer interpretation of the past life experience and how it may apply to you in this life. If forgiveness is required, I will suggest a way to do that and bring about the healing your Higher Self is requesting of your conscious self.

The past life and oracle card reading will sometimes suggest that you clear yourself or your living space of negative energies. I will offer suggestions on how best to accomplish that for your particular situation, given the advice from your guides and Higher Self. As well, guided meditations are sometimes suggested by your guides based on who and where you’ve been in past lives. Some examples follow:

  • Chakra and aura clearing with Archangels Michael and Raphael
  • Space clearing with AA Michael
  • Etheric cord cutting
  • Curse and dagger lifting
  • Vow breaking
  • Meditations on past life experiences
  • Entity removal (best done in person with me)

In-person readings, including Skype, telephone, FaceTime and face-to-face, are interactive: you and I may ask questions and receive clarification during the reading.  You may record these sessions yourself using any device you please.

Email readings, during which you do not have to be present, are just as effective and can be more in-depth, colorful, and detailed. Plus they provide a written record of our session.

In Lynn’s Blog, you’ll find a wide selection of topics germane to our spiritual journeys, including sample past life readingsAA Gabriel and discussions on how to use the information presented in such a reading. Forgiveness is often the primary theme of a reading because it is the most healing modality of all. In my blog and in my readings, I talk about how to do your forgiveness work so that you are able to benefit from the reading.

Readings now include time devoted to drawing oracle cards. My guides have directed me to include this valuable one-on-one time with them for purposes of aiding my clients’ spiritual progress. I use either the Archangel or Goddess cards by Doreen Virtue.

Friday Special: Please message me during these hours to request your 45-minute reading for $30, a bonus of 15 minutes’ time. First come, first serve.  I will invoice you using PayPal and once payment has been received, I will begin the reading.

There are four ways to have a Past Life Reading with me:

  1. Telephone – I will call you at the number you provide
  2. Skype ™ – two-way video call – see installation instructions below
  3. FaceTime – iPhones, iPads, or other Apple devices can interact with me on my iPhone
  4. Email – you do not need to be present for this – in paying for your reading, you agree to allow me to do the reading
Contact me using the Contact Form. Provide your EMAIL ADDRESS so that I may invoice you with PayPal. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to participate.


All readings are $45 US for 45 minutes, EXCEPT for the Friday Special which is $30 US for 45 minutes.

Skype Instructions

INSTALL it (if you haven’t an account already) by clicking here: Skype

  1. Follow the set-up instructions carefully and TEST the application first.
  2. Once we have an appointment time, ADD me as a contact.

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