“Lynn is a very gifted healer. Her past life readings for me were always in line with my learning process, which is totally amazing!”  H.M.W., Hong Kong

“I had never had a past life reading done before. I guessed the Universe would send me the right person when I needed it and there it was, Lynn’s email on past life readings.  At the time I was experiencing difficulties with my partner and was in a pretty fragile state.  The reading mentioned berries and rabbits, which resonated incredibly with me at the time. It gave me clarity in my relationship which helped me understand our situation in a better light for future growth in this area.  I would highly recommend a reading if you wish to venture on your personal journey of enlightenment. We all have the answers to our own life’s questions. It’s a matter of finding the right medium or person that comes our way in order for it to happen. When the time is right the teacher will appear… Good luck!”  C.M.C., Melbourne, Australia

“For my first reading with Lynn, she asked me to think of an issue or question and then set my intention so that my higher self will show the relevant past life to her. I had 3 questions on my mind, and up till the agreed time for reading, I still hadn’t decided on which one to select for the first reading. On the following day, Lynn sent me a report of her reading, and she told me that my higher self showed her 3 past lives. When I went through them, I could see how each of them answered the questions that I had in mind at that time.”  A.C., Hong Kong

“I am impressed by your past life reading as it not only gives me some information, but also triggers deep feelings inside. It is a strong healing process. This is your gift to serve others.” K.C., Hong Kong

“You’ve been a great guide in my journey, and it’s an amazing experience having you do my past life readings.  I just want to let you know that you’re really gifted, and this gift of yours helps others heal their lives.  Thank you so much.”  Anonymous, USA

If you have had a reading from Lynn and enjoyed it, please consider posting your own testimonial in the Comments section below. Thank you!


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